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JBS VideoSep 2007

JBS Underwear - Getting up

Banned ad shows sexy lady in the morning

VideoFeb 2011

Ski jump POV

First helmet cam footage from the world's largest hill - Vikersund in Norway. Jon Aaraas jumped 192 metres reaching 103 kph. Maybe next time he could look up a bit.


VideoAug 2009

US Navy Drill Team in Norway

Full and uncut version of the performance of the US Navy Presidential Ceremonial Honor Guard Drill Team at the Norwegian International Tattoo, Oslo, Norway


Telenor Mobil VideoDec 2010

Telenor Mobil - Look what happens on the other end

Quick-thinking shopper gets a call. Funny ad from Norwegian telecoms company (2006).

VideoMar 2020

TYT | How the US became a third world country

(6:39) Norway's University of Science and Technology described the US as a third world country


VideoJan 2008

Wingsuit base jumping in Norway

The Phoenix-Fly team jump from the fjords


VideoOct 2008

Harakiri Martini - Tuesday Night Pingpong Club

Heavily disguised music video for Norwegian electronica project Ugress featuring the best pingpong girls of Norway


VideoApr 2008

Trampe bicycle lift in Trondheim, Norway

Hilly university city with 30,000 students boasts an above average share of cyclists compared to all other Norwegian cities due to the fact that it's invested more bicycle transport infrastructure


VideoJun 2009

Eskil, biking on the edge of Trollveggen, Norway

Death-defying world renowned Norwegian balance artist perches over the edge of a 1400 meters high mountain on his mountainbike


VideoJun 2009

Toy Peppermint - Something's washed up on the beach

Norwegian commercial highlighting the folly of deforestation