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90%VideoFeb 2010

Yannick Bertrand straddles the gate, Frenchman needs a hug

2008 - Commentator sympathises with French skier Yannick Bertrand as he takes the gate to the groin during his super-g attempt in Kvitfjell, Norway


89%VideoOct 2008

Harakiri Martini - Tuesday Night Pingpong Club

Heavily disguised music video for Norwegian electronica project Ugress featuring the best pingpong girls of Norway


89%VideoAug 2011

His Majesty The King's Guard

(1:09) Visually stunning performance by Norwegian drum corp His Majesty The King's Guard.


89%VideoAug 2009

US Navy Drill Team in Norway

Full and uncut version of the performance of the US Navy Presidential Ceremonial Honor Guard Drill Team at the Norwegian International Tattoo, Oslo, Norway


88%VideoFeb 2009

Subaru Justy rescued

Subcompact hatchback dug out of the snow in Norway


Gilde 88%VideoAug 2009

Gilde - Crazy woman's BBQ trick

Norwegian brand makes an impressive entrance into the world of viral


88%VideoJul 2011

Artificial - A short trip through Bomuldsfabriken Kunsthall

Tour of art gallery Bomuldsfabriken Kunsthall in Arendal, Norway. More about this video which was created by YouTube user lassegg.

88%VideoNov 2011

At last, wingsuit proximity flying by Tiger Odd-Martin

BASE-jumper Tiger Odd-Martin Helgestad proximity flying in Norway and other European mountains in his favourite X-bird 2 wingsuit


88%VideoAug 2011

Slopeflying in Stryn, Norway

(2:38) Cliff-hugging glide down a Norwegian mountain with only the sound of rushing air for company.


88%VideoNov 2012

Combo BASE jumping in Norway

(2:34) Three times Freefly world champions Fred Fugen and Vince Reffet jump from a 3,000 foot cliff in Norway, courtesy of Red Bull.