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96%VideoSep 2012

MadC - Jurassic Park wall

(3:32) Inspired by Dr Ian Malcolm's quote in the movie Jurassic Park, "Once we are extinct, life will find a way."


95%VideoAug 2016

Vandalism that makes the world a funnier place

(7:54) Graffiti genius from around the world.


93%VideoJul 2018

How a graffiti artist creates neon with spray paint

(3:06) Australian street artist Straker paints murals that appear to light up mimicking neon signs.

92%VideoAug 2009

Civilization, epic video mural by Marco Brambilla

(3:22) Created for the new Standard Hotel in New York City, depicting a journey from hell to heaven interpreted through modern film language using computer-enhanced found footage.


92%VideoJul 2012

Time lapse of ATLAS mural at CERN

(2:47) Where art and science collide. Time lapse of the painting the mural by Josef Kristofoletti on the side of the ATLAS control room directly above the detector at CERN, the European Organisation for Nuclear Research.

91%VideoMay 2009

John Pugh murals

Optical illusion murals by the talented Santa Cruz artist. The art form known as trompe l'oeil, dates as far back as ancient Greece and Rome


91%VideoSep 2006

Marc Ecko tags Air Force One

Fashion entrepreneur creates hoax grafitt video.

91%PictureMay 2008

Miller Brewery indoor mural

Minor cosmetic work transforms Miller's fermenting rooms. Compare the first two pictures to best see the effect.

90%PictureJan 2006

Wall painting

Mural transforms College of Nursing


89%AnimationAug 2010

True Colors - Old techniques, new style

Turn up the volume, sit back and enjoy some garage decoration. Four exhausting months in an abandoned space, without sun, just artificial light. The final result, a stop motion movie with no digital effects, everything is created by hand. Music is by Pretty Lights from Denver, Colorado.