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98%VideoSep 2014

Bonya & Kuzmich, the finest in Russian peasant pop

(4:51) Not to be missed Russian dance cover of Kiesza - Hideaway.


98%VideoDec 2011

Dave Brubeck and the young Russian violinist

(3:55) During a visit to Moscow in the 80's, American jazz pianist Dave Brubeck met the faculty and students at the Moscow Conservatory. While he improvised on a Russian theme, a young student joined in on violin.


97%VideoSep 2012

Luckiest trucker in Russia, or anywhere!

(0:54) Incredibly, no one was hurt.


97%VideoFeb 2015

Stop a Douchebag: Sticker for the lady

(5:30) 'Stop a Douchebag' is a Russian youth movement who try to enforce the road traffic regulations in Russia.


96%VideoJan 2014

Russia's Loch Ness monster

(0:50) Beneath the ice of an obscure Russian lake, lurks Russia's very own Nessie.

96%VideoFeb 2012

Russian crossroad close call

(0:10) The backstory: In the city of Blagoveshchensk in southern Russia, a kid had been waiting for his girlfriend for about 10 minutes, before this happened.


96%VideoAug 2012

Pro beggar

(0:34) Spotted in a pedestrian subway in Russia, where else?


96%VideoAug 2013

Russian Army Choir sing Bond theme Skyfall

(4:07) The Russian Army Choir sing a blistering version of Adele's theme for Bond movie Skyfall on a St Petersburg morning TV show.


96%VideoAug 2012

POV Russian girl taking a stroll on a roof

(1:33) They say "don't look down". Now I know why.


95%VideoFeb 2013

Russian sailors rescue a dog stranded on a mini iceberg

(1:21) Incident in the Russian port of Magadan located in the cold north east corner of Russia.