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VideoMar 2007

Pilobolus at the 79th Oscars

Ellen introduces shadow dancing troupe

VideoFeb 2008

The Oscars in 60 Seconds (2008)

Hollywood's four hour long glamour-fest condensed

VideoMar 2006

78th Annual Academy Awards

Host Jon Stewart fulfills his dream

VideoFeb 2009

Mickey Rourke's acceptance speech for Best Male Lead

Film Independent Spirit Awards for his performance in The Wrestler


VideoFeb 2009

Marlon Brando refuses an Oscar for The Godfather (1973)

Sacheen Littlefeather explains the reason for Brando's decision


VideoFeb 2007

Al Gore at The Oscars

Announcement? Don't bet on it

VideoFeb 2008

No Country For Old Men - Coin toss (Conan O'Brien)

Mashup of the film, where the suspenseful creepiness just gets ruined

VideoFeb 2009

Michael Moore blasts Bush during his Oscar speech (2002)

Winning an Oscar for Best Documentary Feature, Bowling for Columbine, while lambasting the president


VideoMay 2009

Cabin Boy screen test - Would you like to buy a monkey?

Sequence of stars auditioning for David Letterman's cameo role in Chris Elliott's movie


VideoFeb 2013

Jennifer Lawrence trips on Oscar night

(0:47) So, what happened exactly? Oscar winning actress explains.