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94%VideoSep 2013

SkyGreen commercial vertical farm in Singapore

(6:47) As the population grows, will we be able to feed the world enough fresh vegetables?

94%VideoMay 2013

Hollywood stars shocked at Singapore car prices

(3:36) Stars from 'Fast and Furious 6' Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodrigeuz and Gina Carano, guess car prices in Singapore.


94%VideoAug 2014

Home for Hope

(2:48) Home For Hope is a collective project with IKEA and other home furnishing stores to provide much-needed exposure for homeless dogs in Singapore.

89%VideoJun 2012

Mining minerals from sea water

(3:02) Imagine a mining industry that is in harmony with nature. Is that possible?


88%VideoMay 2016

Giant flying octopus

(1:00) A giant octopus soars majestically over Marina Barrage in Singapore.


88%VideoJun 2016

The Lion City II - Majulah

(4:42) Keith Loutit's portrait of growing Singapore over 3 years.

87%VideoAug 2011

Paul Saffo: USA will disappear in 50 years (2007)

Technology forecaster Paul Saffo predicts that there is less than 50% chance that the USA will still exist as a nation state in 2060, and that that is good news. He argues that city states like Singapore are large enough to have impact, but small enough for their population to see the collective consequences of individual action. Plenty of food for thought.


87%VideoAug 2012

Do your duty on National Night

(3:17) Part of a national effort to reverse Singapore's population decline.


87%VideoSep 2012

Superrich supercar parking in Singapore

(2:48) Singapore's Hamilton Parks is for the superrich who love their supercars. Apartments in the 30-storey block cost £6 - £15 million.


87%VideoMar 2013

Bulk carrier and cargo ship collide in the Straits of Singapore

(1:16) A Turkish bulk carrier collides with a Vietnamese cargo vessel crossing its path.