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88%PictureSep 2008

Phantom from the Ice Age

South Korea's frozen F-4E Phantom fighter during climatic environmental test at the Agency for Defense Development in Seoul


88%VideoFeb 2009

Fiery nightmare as gas leak erupts into raging inferno

Bucheon a city in Gyeonggi Province, South Korea ablaze as a propane storage facility ignites


88%VideoAug 2009

Synchronised swimming in an aquarium

Swimmers from South Korea's national swimming team swim with fish to Michael Jackson's Billie Jean


88%VideoApr 2012

Kindergarten kids react to Radiohead

(7:15) How 6-year-old South Korean kids respond to hearing a few tracks from Radiohead's iconic yet depressing album, OK Computer.

88%VideoFeb 2014

Watch me eat, an online craze in South Korea

(1:34) Gastronomic voyeurism, or watching people eat online, is the latest craze in South Korea.


88%VideoMar 2015

Korean millionaire cleans Bahrain streets

(4:00) If you were a millionaire, how would you spend your free time?


88%VideoDec 2015

Master ceramics from Icheon, South Korea - #2

(6:00) Super skills and patience by ceramics masters from Icheon Ceramics Village in South Korea.

88%VideoAug 2010

Natural gas powered bus explodes in Seoul street

CCTV witnesses an exploding bus that injured 17 people. One very calm motorcyclist does a u-turn. Seoul, South Korea.


87%VideoDec 2004

Korean political speech

Passionate speech goofed

87%VideoMar 2008

South Korea's Alive Gallery brings art into the future

Art comes 'alive' in a South Korean hologram exhibit that includes 3-D animations of da Vinci's 'Last Supper' and the 'Mona Lisa'