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97%VideoOct 2012

Spanish police spiral out of control

(5:52) Coming to a town near you? Pretty clear evidence of Spain's police state run riot. Next video shows an 'incident' in Madrid when protesters for once got the upper hand.


96%VideoMay 2011

Carving the mountains

(4:12) Spring afternoon in the Guadarrama Mountains near Madrid in Spain, girls with longboards carve the mountains


93%VideoSep 2016

Barcelona introduces "superblocks"

(5:30) Modern cities are designed for cars. But Barcelona is testing an urban design that gives the city back to pedestrians.

93%VideoMar 2008

Relaxing hike on the steep walls of a Spanish gorge

El Caminito del Rey (The King's pathway) is a walkway, now fallen into disrepair, pinned along the steep walls of a narrow gorge in El Chorro, near Alora in Malaga, Spain


92%VideoAug 2011

Bloon, space tourism by balloon

Space is almost synonymous with rockets, but imagine floating up to the edge of space in a balloon, taking in the awe for a couple of hours before gently descending back to Earth. Quite a different approach to Branson's Virgin Galactic.


90%VideoJul 2010

Paco Pena - Cantes Por Bulerias

(2:27) Flamenco virtuoso guitarist Paco Pena flanked by two clappers (1972).


90%VideoJul 2013

Solar power that runs all day and all night

(4:34) Spanish concentrated solar thermal power plant uses molten salt storage technology to produce 24 hour power on an industrial scale.


90%VideoApr 2008

Treacherous mountain path, Spain

Dangerous hike along a crumbling death defying walkway


90%VideoJun 2010

Walkabout on the King's little pathway

Only for those without even a hint of vertigo. El Caminito del Rey (the King's little pathway) is a narrow walkway pinned along the steep walls of a gorge in El Chorro, Spain. Some people have no respect for heights, or health and safety!


90%VideoSep 2004

King of Spain

Juan Carlos gives the finger