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92%VideoApr 2011

From Sudan to America

Two Sudanese refugees on a trip to America, experience American culture for the first time. A fascinating journey that exposes what we in the West take granted. From feature-length documentary, Lost Boys of Sudan (2003).


86%PictureDec 2007

Controversial teddy arrives at Heathrow

Bearing up under international pressure


85%VideoApr 2009

Mia Farrow prepares for hunger strike over Darfur

Hollywood actress Mia Farrow (64) protests against the expulsion of foreign aid agencies from the region after an International Criminal Court arrest for Sudan's president was issued.


84%VideoMay 2009

Richard Branson goes on hunger strike

Virgin boss Richard Branson draws attention to the plight of the people of Darfur. He takes over from Mia Farrow (due to her declining health) for a 3-day hunger strike.


71%VideoDec 2010

Sudanese woman punished for wearing trousers

Brutal, but should be aired. Although a frequent occurrence, punishments like this are very rarely filmed. A Sudanese woman is publicly whipped for wearing trousers under her Islamic clothing. At least the policemen seem to be enjoying themselves.


66%VideoMay 2009

Young boys stimulate cows

Dinka tribe boy of southern Sudan goes down on a cow to help it lactate


62%PictureDec 2007

Hung out to dry

The angry mob demanded retribution