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VideoSep 2007

Iron penis

Tu Jin-Sheng exercises his manhood


VideoDec 2008

Hello Kitty hospital welcomes newborns into this world

Short of a set of whiskers babies get everything at a cat-themed maternity hospital in Taiwan in the hope that the Japanese cartoon icon will ease the stress of childbirth.


VideoJun 2010

Foxconn to double salaries after suicides

Onion-like story except this is real and it's not funny. Foxconn, high tech gadget manufacturer (including iPhones) in Taiwan, said it will raise wages at its Shenzhen factories in order to stem a tide of suicides. Can't imagine Willy Walsh getting on board.


VideoJun 2015

Fisherman spots strange green creature with pink tongue



VideoFeb 2007

Taiwan brawl

Political discourse Taiwanese style

AnimationMay 2010

Gordon Brown's Bigotgate reported by Taiwanese newspaper

Taiwanese newspaper Apple Daily follow the UK 2010 elections. Gordon Brown's meeting with Rochdale voter Gillian Duffy seemed to go just fine until a rogue microphone picked up the PM's private thoughts.


AnimationSep 2007

Magnetic levitation

The future of superconductors


PictureFeb 2009

Giant hearts

Galesnjak, Croatia


AnimationJul 2008

Non-stop train, a glimpse into the future?

Peng Yu-lun a Taiwanese inventor has came up with an idea that promises to help save energy and significantly increase train speeds


VideoOct 2008

Super typhoon Jangmi hits Taiwan

September 2008, the strongest Pacific storm in 13 years smashes into Hualien. James Reynolds captures the huge storm surge and battering waves.