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94%VideoSep 2013

Close shave with a massive boulder

(1:10) Heavy rains after tropical storm Kong-Rey in Taiwan. Clue to the impending disaster is at 0:03 - the tiny pinnacle of rock high above McDonald's.


94%VideoJun 2015

Fisherman spots strange green creature with pink tongue



93%AnimationSep 2007

Magnetic levitation

The future of superconductors


91%VideoDec 2007

Countdown to 2007, at the Taipei 101 building Taiwan

New Year's eve firework display extravaganza

89%AnimationJul 2008

Non-stop train, a glimpse into the future?

Peng Yu-lun a Taiwanese inventor has came up with an idea that promises to help save energy and significantly increase train speeds


89%VideoMar 2010

Taiwan news reports on angry Gordon Brown

Creative reconstuction of alleged events leading to Gordon Brown being labelled a bully. Shown on Taiwanese news.


89%VideoApr 2010

I Will Always Love You - Fat boy, Whitney and Dolly

Fat boy sings just like Whitney Houston. Lin Yu Chun blew away judges on Taiwanese singing show 'Super Star Avenue' with his version of Whitney Houston's 'I Will Always Love You'. Super Star Avenue is a game show similar to America's Got Talent or American Idol. lin-yu-chun.blogspot.com


89%AnimationMay 2010

Gordon Brown's Bigotgate reported by Taiwanese newspaper

Taiwanese newspaper Apple Daily follow the UK 2010 elections. Gordon Brown's meeting with Rochdale voter Gillian Duffy seemed to go just fine until a rogue microphone picked up the PM's private thoughts.


88%VideoSep 2012

Graci In The Kitchen - Sampling delicacies from Taipei Night Market

(12:14) Feeling adventurous? Graci and a couple of guests visit Taipei's Shilin Night Market to sample such delicacies as pig's uterus.


88%VideoJul 2014

Moving house in Taiwan

(1:31) Double forklift packing action.