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93%VideoJul 2014

Fish infest abandoned Bangkok shopping mall

(0:37) New World shopping mall in Bangkok was built with eleven floors, violating local laws that only allowed for four...

87%VideoMay 2016

Giraffes investigate tour bus

(1:14) Tourists at Rescue Safari Zoo in Bangkok are accosted by hungry giraffes.

86%VideoApr 2010

Hajime robot restaurant

Served and entertained by robots in Bangkok, Thailand

86%VideoFeb 2012

The Royal Dragon, world's largest restaurant

(4:24) Bangkok's Royal Dragon restaurant can accommodate dinner for 5,000 - if you ever need to book such a party.


83%VideoSep 2006

Bangkok twister

Natural disaster ends in unexpected twist

Bangkok Insurance 77%VideoJun 2006

Wheel of fortune

Rogue tyre crosses central reservation