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VideoMar 2020

A Different Bias | Even a good US trade deal doesn't benefit UK

(7:46) Here's why.


VideoJan 2020

A Different Bias | Brexit Britain sees talent drain

(6:45) The UK is slipping down the global talent rankings.

VideoFeb 2020

UK dismisses EU trade demands as unreasonable

(1:50) Britain has accused the European Union of being 'unreasonable' as both sides work towards a post-Brexit trade deal.


VideoFeb 2020

London Uber driver for a day - in a tank!

(5:36) Josh Pieters hires a tank for the day.

VideoMar 2020

A Different Bias | UK to pull out of EU aviation safety scheme

(6:20) The UK government has announced its intention to leave the EU aviation safety regulator and form its own in 2021.


AnimationFeb 2011

UK, Great Britain and a plethora of other related territories explained

Untangling the result of a long history that included an empire that ruled over a quarter of the world. Easy to digest, if you're quick. Full transcript:


VideoJun 2012

Daniel Ilabaca - Choose Not To Fall

(3:11) Professional free-runner Daniel Ilabaca talks about parkour and how it has changed his life.


FEATURED Visit London VideoJan 2011

Only in London

These films showcase some of London's unique attractions and are trailers for a 3min film hosted on the visitlondon website

VideoOct 2015

Which is faster, human or horse?

(7:02) In an unpronounceable town in Wales, a long-distance race pits humans against horses.

VideoMar 2016

Why does France control the UK's border?

(4:58) Why is there a UK border in Calais, and will that change in the event of Brexit?