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PictureFeb 2010

The Mariana Trench in perspective

Anything that goes down might not necessarily come back up. The Mariana Trench is the deepest known part of the planet in the Pacific Ocean. At 36,000 feet it is deeper than Mount Everest is high!


PictureJul 2007

National Geographic Magazine's 'Singles Map'

Distribution of single females and males across the USA


AnimationFeb 2011

UK, Great Britain and a plethora of other related territories explained

Untangling the result of a long history that included an empire that ruled over a quarter of the world. Easy to digest, if you're quick. Full transcript:


VideoAug 2007

Miss Teen USA 2007 - Question for Miss South Carolina

Beauty queen explains how US education can help


AnimationMar 2012

2011 earthquakes plotted and animated

(9:03) Earthquakes are more common than you might imagine. Stats showing quakes worldwide above 4.5 on the Richter Scale during 2011.

VideoJul 2016

Geography Now! - Denmark

(9:27) Barby's guide to Denmark, the southernmost Scandinavian country.

VideoNov 2007

Is Europe a country?

Quiz show contestant is asked where is Budapest


VideoMay 2013

Baby Lilly knows her world map

(8:12) From YT: "Lilly is my niece. She was 23 months old when this was done in August 2007 in her parents small one bedroom apartment..."


VideoMar 2012

How sinkholes sink

(2:14) The Guiana Highlands that span Venezuela, Guyana and northern Brazil are home to gigantic sinkholes up to 350m in diameter. But how do these sinkholes form?


VideoNov 2016

UK geography confuses Jimmy Dore, until now

(7:08) The United Kingdom, Great Britain and England - terms which are easily confused.