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94%VideoJun 2015

11 days on the planet's youngest island

(2:07) Millionaire explorer Ian Argus Stuart spent 11 days and nights completely alone on a new island that was born from the Hunga Tonga volcano eruption in December 2014.


90%VideoMay 2012

Apocalyptic island of waste in the Maldives

(3:34) BBC's Simon Reeve visits a part of the Maldives that tourists do not see - a huge island waste dump.


89%VideoJul 2010

Castaway Richie Sowa's floating paradise

(4:09) Spiral Island, an artificial floating island built on a foundation of plastic bottles is Richie Sowa's route to a simpler life style.


89%AnimationDec 2005

Lost Rhapsody

Marooned islanders in musical extravaganza

88%VideoJun 2009

Toy Peppermint - Something's washed up on the beach

Norwegian commercial highlighting the folly of deforestation


88%VideoJun 2009

What is the Lotus Effect?

Demonstration of the extreme waterproof quality of the Taro or commonly known as the elephant's ear, which is a tropical plant grown primarily as a vegetable food for its edible corm, and as a leaf vegetable


88%PictureJan 2011



87%VideoMar 2009

Underwater volcano erupts near Tonga coast

Tonga a 170 island archipelago about halfway between Australia and Tahiti and is part of the Pacific 'ring of fire'. The steam and ash column first appeared after a series of earthquakes were felt in the capital Nuku'alofa


87%VideoMar 2013

Petermann ice island

(0:47) Too big to be called an iceberg, Petermann ice island is 100 square miles, five time the size of Manhattan.


87%VideoMay 2016

Five Pacific islands underwater as climate change hits

(3:05) Five reef islands belonging to the Solomon Islands have disappeared underwater due to rising seas.