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VideoJul 2010

Street Slide - Browsing street level imagery

Street Slide is an upgrade to Bing Maps Streetside, Microsoft's version of Google's Street View. And it looks very cool.


AnimationAug 2010

IED incidents, Afghanistan 2004 - 2009

Bombings as documented in the recent data leak facilitated by Wikileaks, overlaid on a NATO map of the area. Green explosions are ones where no one was hurt. Yellow ones are injuries only. Red ones had fatalities. On the death and injury front, left column is friendlies (including both allied forces and civilians), right column is enemies.

VideoSep 2007

The world map - baby genius

23 month old Lilly shows her geography knowledge


VideoJan 2007

Clever Americans

Locals questioned about the world they run


Ordnance Survey VideoDec 2003

Mountain biking

AnimationFeb 2011

UK, Great Britain and a plethora of other related territories explained

Untangling the result of a long history that included an empire that ruled over a quarter of the world. Easy to digest, if you're quick. Full transcript:


VideoSep 2009

Senator Al Franken draws a map of America

All 50 states from memory during an appearance on Minnesota Public Radio's Midday at the Minnesota State Fair


PictureMar 2009

Ten random pictures - 17

Formation, reading, puddle, basket, dancer, racoon, dog, mobiles, T-shirt and fun shapes


PictureApr 2007

Divided world

Crack developing in Middle East peace plan

PictureFeb 2008

Earth reverse

If land was sea and the oceans rose high