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VideoMar 2008

Salar de Uyuni - The world's biggest mirror

4000 sq miles of salt flat in Bolivia. 3,650m above sea level. When it is covered in water, it reflects the sky.


VideoMay 2009

Never ending polar sun, one week in two minutes

Time lapse footage during summer when the sun is permanently above the horizon. Music: Avi Hochberg


AnimationAug 2010

Active night sky over Cotopaxi volcano, Equador

The night sky is far from dark and empty. As the clouds dissipate, a sky packed with stars appears to rotate around the volcano's peak. 600 light years away in our Milky Way, the Coalsack Dark Nebula and the Southern Cross (the light and dark band of stars) are clearly visible. Satellites streak by from several directions. When thin clouds are overhead, the brightest stars twinkle. Lights of climbers flash on the volcano side (starting around 1:13). Time-lapse movie by Stephane Guisard.


VideoJan 2009

The sky in motion

Time lapse imagery with haunting music by Till Credner


VideoMay 2011

Surfing the clouds, Ningaloo Reef, Western Australia

With about 330 days of blue skies each year, clouds are a rare sight at Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia. So a flight in a microlight was called for.


VideoJul 2015

Edge of Stability

(5:12) Look up, there's some amazing stuff going on.

VideoSep 2014

Aurora substorm, Yellowknife, Canada

(4:52) This is real time, not time-lapse.


VideoNov 2009

Texas Star Party all-night time-lapse

Astrophotographer William Castleman shot a beautiful time-lapse video of the galactic centre of The Milky Way during the 2009 Texas Star Party in Fort Davis, TX


VideoJun 2012

Skies around the world

(10:04) The sky is the thin layer of atmosphere that almost everybody spends their entire lives living within.


VideoAug 2009

Bird storm over Rome

Tourists witness menacing bird formations. Hitchcock's influence is within us all.