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AnimationMar 2008

Wave, Fish, Hip, Hot - This is beach

Japanese advert for the Okinawa tourist board


PictureDec 2006

Tourist seeks directions

Which way is up?

VideoNov 2008

Extreme sightseeing in Rio de Janeiro

City tour by chopper


VideoApr 2009

Camel buckles under fat woman

Local animal stands down for its rights and refuses to oblige an overweight tourist


VideoJun 2010

Inspired by Iceland

It's not just a volcano that is alive and bursting with energy on Iceland. The Icelandic tourist board is keen to show you their hospitality.


PictureOct 2010

Cheeky monkey


VideoMay 2012

747 takes off from beautiful Caribbean island of St Maarten

(0:36) St Maarten's biggest attraction? Tourists to the Dutch Caribbean island of St Maarten enjoy the rare thrill of a 747 skimming their heads as it takes off.

VideoMar 2007

Skiing in Iran

Axis of wicked slopes

PictureSep 2007

Remembering 9/11

Big Apple tourist shows how it was


VideoJun 2009

Tourists visit North Korea (DPRK)

Tourism in the country includes inspection of monumental edifices and historical and cultural relics and remains in Pyongyang