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96%VideoJun 2013

The volcanoes of Hawaii

(3:01) Time-lapse video captures the awesome dynamic landscapes of the Hawaiian islands, the most southern American state.


95%VideoSep 2014

Journey into an active volcano

(2:42) More people have landed on the moon than have come close to Marum volcano on Vanuatu.

95%VideoSep 2014

Flying over active volcano in Iceland

(2:51) Bardarbunga is Iceland's largest volcano. It has been rumbling to a worrying degree threatening to blow its top, as Eyjafjallajokull did in 2010.

94%VideoJun 2015

11 days on the planet's youngest island

(2:07) Millionaire explorer Ian Argus Stuart spent 11 days and nights completely alone on a new island that was born from the Hunga Tonga volcano eruption in December 2014.


94%VideoApr 2015

Calbuco volcano eruption, Chile

(3:35) April 22, 2015: The Calbuco volcano in southern Chile erupted for the first time in 40 years.


94%VideoSep 2015

The volcano that spews blue lava

(3:20) Red hot in the day, blue hot at night.

93%VideoSep 2014

Volcano blows its top in Papua New Guinea

(1:04) Mount Tavurvur volcano in Papua New Guinea erupts. Watch out for the shock wave.


93%VideoDec 2014

Volcano burns with blue flames

(0:30) Ijen Vulcan's Crater in Indonesia is alight with blue flames from burning liquid sulphur.

93%VideoMay 2018

Physics Girl - Why Hawaii's volcano is so unusual

(8:32) Most volcanos on Earth exist along tectonic plate lines. But not Hawaii.


92%VideoJun 2011

Volcanic ash on Lake Nahuel Huapi

A thick layer of volcanic ash from the erupting Puyehue Volcano in Chile covers Lake Nahuel Huapi in Argentina. A brave scuba diver dives below to investigate.