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88%AnimationApr 2010

Airspace reboot

Visualisation of northern European airspace returning to use after being closed due to volcanic ash. Data is courtesy of flightradar24.com and covers a large fraction of Europe. There are a few gaps (most noticeably France) and no coverage over the Atlantic, but the picture is still clear. www.itoworld.com


88%VideoMar 2011

Kilauea volcano, erupting for the past 18 years

Kilauea in Hawaii is the world's most active volcano and has been continuously erupting for 18 years. On March 3rd 2011, it became even more active. Full story at: http://tiny.cc/5yg1o

88%VideoJun 2013

Popocatepetl volcano in Mexico explodes

(0:30) June 17, 2013: Popocatepetl volcano in Mexico explodes creating a column of ash 4 km high.


88%VideoJun 2013

The most incredible volcano video you're likely to see

(1:54) Filmmaker Geoff Mackley and his team, with fire fighter's breathing apparatus and heat proof proximity suits, are the first people ever to get within 30m of Marum Volcano's lava lake on Ambrym Island, Vanuatu in the Pacific Ocean.


88%VideoSep 2013

Rivers of lava

(2:15) Fascinating footage of lava flow.

88%VideoOct 2013

Finding Hell on Earth

(4:36) Five of the hottest, driest, strangest, and deadliest places in the planet.


88%VideoFeb 2014

Pyroclastic flow and mini tornados at Sinabung volcano

(2:41) January 2014: Eruption at Mount Sinabung in Indonesia.


88%VideoMar 2014

Drone films volcano eruption


88%VideoSep 2014

Volcano erupts taking hikers by surprise

(1:30) September 27, 2014: Japanese hikers were caught out when Mt. Ontake in central Japan unexpectedly erupted.


88%VideoFeb 2015

Eruption at Bardarbunga Volcano in Iceland

(1:31) Quadcopters capture HD footage of spectacular Bardarbunga Volcano eruption.