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VideoAug 2008

Graphical waterfall

Probably the work of Nuremberg born artist Julius Popp


VideoFeb 2007

Iguazu Falls - World's widest

Straddles border between Brazil and Argentina


VideoJan 2007

Jeep waterfall

24ft drop graphical rainfall at N American Auto Show

VideoMay 2009

Epic drop at Palouse Falls (2009)

Tyler Bradt runs the 186 ft. tall waterfall shattering the world record he had previously set


VideoMar 2014

Niagara Falls poem

(1:00) Great CNN report on the disappointment of tourists visiting Niagara Falls that were not completely frozen over.


VideoFeb 2008

Estonian waterfall freezes over

The Valaste waterfall in Estonia froze this year and created a magical ice kingdom

VideoSep 2007

Giant bungee swing

Leaping head first into a 160m deep gorge

VideoAug 2010

Angel Falls, Venezuela

Fly-by over the world's highest waterfall

VideoJul 2015

Icelandic fog waterfall

(1:25) Fog flows off the cliffs of Latrabjarg in Iceland.


VideoNov 2013

How to make a smoke waterfall

(2:35) Simple but impressive party trick with sticky notes.