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VideoSep 2011

Dyson Hot, designer fan heater

James Dyson explains the design and features of the new Dyson Hot, a fan heater with plenty of innovative thinking behind it. Cool, but at a price.


VideoDec 2011

Story about a vacuum cleaner savant, really!

12-year-old Kyle Krichbaum has a strange obsession - vacuum cleaners. He is a member of the Vacuum Cleaner Collectors Club and has one of the largest private collections of vacuum cleaners. Life sucks, but for Kyle that's a good thing.


VideoMay 2012

Do Americans know why they are celebrating Memorial Day?

(12:35) Author and activist Mark Dice talks with random people at the beach to ask them why they celebrate Memorial Day.


FEATURED South Tyrol VideoNov 2012

South Tyrol Italy with a Twist

South Tyrol is Italy at its best - with an added dash of Alpine influence.

FEATURED VideoNov 2012

Fenton: 4GEE Remaster

FENTON! The viral hit of 2011 remastered for superfast 4GEE


FEATURED The Guardian VideoJan 2013

The Guardian and Observer now #owntheweekend

The weekend wouldn't be the weekend without the Saturday Guardian and the Observer. That's why we've trademarked it. Don't believe us? Watch the video.

FEATURED Evian VideoJan 2013

The evian playground

Cold, grey, depressing. Evian decided to banish the back to work blues and get Londoners Living young again this January.

FEATURED VideoFeb 2013

Brilliant dream - Brilliant moment

Brilliant imagination with Keone & Mariel Madrid.

FEATURED Lifebuoy VideoMar 2013

Help a child reach five

Every year 2 million children under the age of 5, die of infections like Diarrhoea and Pneumonia.

FEATURED Sony VideoApr 2013

Sony MDR-1R

Ljud som fullandats av experter Horlursserien MDR-1 finslipades i en serie kreativa sessioner dar singer/songwritern Katy B och dubstep-gruppen Magnetic Man samarbetade med Sony Corporations tekniker och forste mastringsteknikern Naweed Ahmed.