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94%VideoMar 2007

Comic Relief 2007

Catherine Tate meets Tony Blair


94%VideoNov 2005

Ali G interviews the Beckhams

Beckhams caught offside


92%VideoJun 2011

David Brent the philanthropist

(0:30) David Brent lets loose the philanthropist in him and saves some Africans.

90%VideoMar 2009

Smithy takes on England for Comic Relief (2009)

James Corden wants his money back


89%VideoMar 2011

Misery Bear's Comic Relief, starring Kate Moss

Looking for meaning in your life, then do something different. For Misery Bear, a sponsored 24-hour Spacehopper bounce seemed like a good idea... until supermodel Kate Moss sponsored him.


86%VideoMar 2009

DFDS Seaways fit world's biggest red nose on ferry

King of Scandinavia sticks it's massive nose out for charity

86%VideoMar 2011

The Axis of Awesome play four chords for Red Nose Day

Australian comedy band The Axis of Awesome have never had a hit because they've never written a four chord song. Already on BoreMe but this performance is for Comic Relief 2011.


83%VideoFeb 2008

The Office - Gareth devises a handicap test

Let the disabled just scream for help

78%VideoMar 2009

Paddy and Keith do Dirty Dancing for Comic Relief

Comedians Paddy McGuinness and Keith Lemon team up for Let's Dance


FEATURED Babybel 57%InteractiveMar 2007

New Cheese Roll Game

Play the new MiniBabybel Comic Relief game