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97%VideoSep 2014

IKEA enter technology sector

(2:29) Are Apple and Samsung quaking in their boots? IKEA introduce the revolutionary bookbook.


94%VideoJun 2013

IKEA flat-pack refugee shelter

(4:15) IKEA, in partnership with the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR), have designed a better home for refugees.


89%VideoDec 2009

Spike Jonze's IKEA lamp

Emotional ad that won the best TV commercial for four straight years at the Cannes Lions Advertising Festival


89%PictureSep 2015

IKEA customers leave witty in-store reviews

(9 pics)


88%VideoNov 2013

TEDtalks - IKEA go all out for sustainability

(13:19) IKEA's chief sustainability officer, Steve Howard explains how the company is moving into the future with a sustainability strategy called People & Planet Positive.


88%VideoMay 2017

Guy annoys girlfriend with puns at IKEA



87%VideoSep 2011

IKEA introduces Manland, a nursery for men

For men who have yet to grow up. Have IKEA hit on a really good idea?


87%VideoApr 2012

IKEA Uppleva

(2:16) IKEA integrates TV and sound system with furniture to bring some neatness into your living room.

87%VideoOct 2014

Halloween at IKEA

(1:25) IKEA play homage to Stanley Kubrick's classic horror movie, The Shining.

87%VideoSep 2015

IKEA concept kitchen for 2025

(2:36) How IKEA hope kitchens will be in 10 years time.