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PictureMay 2008

John Terry penalty miss

Chelsea captain John Terry's mistake costs Champions League title

SoundJul 2009

911 McNuggets call

A woman calls emergency over a McDonalds order


VideoAug 2010

Queue to first McDonalds in Moscow, 1990

Lovely accompanying music to watch a queue by. Must have been the mother of disappointments.


VideoDec 2009

McDonalds decomposition experiment

Morgan Spurlock in the film Supersize Me places a Big Mac, Filet-O-Fish and other fast food into jars to test decomposition rates. Watch out for the surprise with the fries.


VideoSep 2009

Obama calls Kanye West a jackass

President Barack Obama calls Kanye West a 'jackass' for his outburst at the VMAs when Taylor Swift won best female video over Beyonce (15/09/09)


VideoJun 2007

Sarah Silverman hosting MTV awards

How to make Paris Hilton feel at home...


PictureSep 2010

Lady Gaga's winning streak at MTV Awards

Even for Lady Gaga, this outfit raised a few eyebrows at the MTV Video Music Awards. She wore a dress made of slabs of fresh meat stitched together. She scooped eight gongs, half of the total awards available!


McDonalds VideoMar 2010

McDonald's 1985 commercial for McDLT with Jason Alexander

Aiming for the perfect burger. Jason Alexander (aka George Costanza in Seinfeld) sings, dances and praises the new McDLT from Mcdonald's.


VideoSep 2008

Russell Brand live at MTV Awards Los Angeles

Endearing himself to the Americans


VideoMay 2010

Radiohead / MTV video - All I Need (2008)

Joint project between Radiohead and MTV to raise awareness of child labour behind the cheap bargains we all enjoy.