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Old Spice 90%VideoFeb 2010

Old Spice - The man your man could smell like

We're not saying this body wash will make your man smell into a romantic millionaire jet fighter pilot, but we are insinuating it.


90%VideoJul 2010

New Spice - Study like a scholar, scholar

Do you want to be a scholar? Then study at the Harold B. Lee Library. Do your research here, study here, and be a scholar!


89%VideoJul 2010

Old Spice - Armpit Mountain

Is handsomeness a burden your face has to live with? Another hugely entertaining ad from Old Spice.


89%VideoJul 2010

Making of Old Spice

Isaiah Mustafa, the man behind the man you want to smell like, reveals the secrets behind the Old Spice commercials. So you thought it was CGI? Think again.

89%VideoJul 2010

Mike Relm remixes Old Spice

How can you smell like space shuttles? That's easy.


Old Spice 88%VideoFeb 2010

Old Spice Kilimanjaro, the mark of an experienced man

Young studs prove themselves in the Experienced Man Challenge

Old Spice 88%VideoJul 2010

Old Spice man is black with more questions

New Old Spice questions from the man your man should smell like


88%VideoAug 2015

Old Spice - And So It Begins

(1:01) Old Spice are back with the past.

88%VideoJan 2012

Old Spice - Blown Mind

(0:15) Feel super-powerful and get your mind blown into 1,000 smaller and better minds.

87%VideoJun 2010

The Boy Your Man Could Smell Like

11-year-old boy spoofs Old Spice, on a budget