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95%AnimationOct 2012

Bill Hicks - It's just a ride

(1:44) Kinetic typographic visualisation of Bill Hicks routine about our perspective on everything.

93%VideoOct 2011

Television is a drug

Dynamic typographic interpretation of Todd Alcott's monologue, 'Television'. Created by Beth Fulton. bfultonmedia.com

93%VideoAug 2011

Ira Glass on good taste

American radio host Ira Glass talks about how it takes time and loads of work to reach the standards set by your own good taste. But stick at it, it's well worth it. Presentation created by David Shiyang Liu. http://vimeo.com/thedak


92%AnimationJan 2011

Dot Dot Dot - Epic typography and voice game review!

Dynamic typography at its most epic. Based on an equally epic voice track of a badly spelt game review. The result is the epic of epics.


92%AnimationOct 2011

29 ways to stay creative

Be inspired to finish something


92%AnimationFeb 2012

Bill Maher - Irritable Bowl Syndrome

(2:14) Animated essay from the audio recording of Bill Maher's 'The New New Rules: A Funny Look At How Everybody But Me Has Their Head Up Their Ass'.


92%AnimationOct 2010

Stephen Fry on 'outgrowing that silly approach to language'

(6:35) For those who don't enjoy language, Stephen Fry's monologue, visualised with some effective (if not original) kinetic typography, might change your mind


92%AnimationFeb 2010

Stewie Griffin is the Weakest Link

Kinetic typography interpretation of Stewie's reaction to the much overused Weakest Link joke


91%AnimationOct 2008

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Typographical interpretation of the UN's proclamation


89%AnimationOct 2008

Obama 08 - Vote For Hope

Written to encourage and inspire the hip hop generation to get involved