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90%VideoAug 2009

Camaro bumblebee transformer

Creative Mexican marketing, a bumblebee transforms into a Chevy Camaro


88%VideoMar 2009

How to torment telemarketers with one word

Yes! revenge is sweet on infuriating calls


88%VideoMar 2011

Fireside chat with marketing guru Jimmy Carr

Jimmy Carr was a marketing executive for oil giant Shell in the late nineties before he turned to stand up. In an interview with Richard Eyers, Chairman of IAB, Internet Advertising Bureau, he talks knowledgeably about advertising, brands and the internet, throwing in plenty of gags on the way.


88%VideoFeb 2015

Jesus marketing stunt

(2:53) Funny ad by 1one production.


87%VideoAug 2017

How Apple advertises

(5:17) Apple's marketing strategy comes from a man you've probably never heard of before, Mike Markkula.

86%VideoJun 2014

The Checkout - Gendered Marketing

(7:25) Kirsten Drysdale and Zoe Norton Lodge examine market segmentation by gender.

86%VideoOct 2017

Why has Apple released a premium model iPhone?

(3:27) Apple claims the iPhone X is the best iPhone it has ever made.

82%Dec 2002

Marketing strategy


75%VideoJan 2007

Bill Hicks on marketing

Death wish on executives

74%PictureDec 2008

Condomi's erotic shopping bag

Provocative packaging by the advertising agency Draft FCB Kobza, Vienna, Austria