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96%VideoMay 2012

Michael Jackson and James Brown celebrity death match

(1:30) American actor and comedian Wayne Brady impersonates Michael Jackson and James Brown as if in a celebrity death match.


96%VideoDec 2013

Teenage Elvis impersonator performs 'Blue Christmas'

(2:25) David Thibault sings to gobsmacked radio station staff at CKOI in Quebec.

95%VideoMar 2012

Adelaide Zoo's Superb Lyrebird imitates construction work

(4:02) Chook, a male Superb Lyrebird at Adelaide Zoo has picked up many sounds from nearby construction work.


95%VideoOct 2012

Five Barack Obamas battle in Brazil's elections

(1:02) Brazillian candidates find novel ways to distinguish themselves.

94%VideoSep 2011

Wild orca tries to communicate by imitating the boat's motor

(1:15) Luna was a wild orca boy (young killer whale) who lost his family, after which he started to look for social contact with humans.


94%VideoDec 2012

Punjabi expert in animal sounds

(2:52) A Punjabi man mimics the farm animals around him, probably confusing the chickens in the process.


94%VideoSep 2014

The Mercurotti (duet with Freddie Mercury and Luciano Pavarotti)

(3:01) Canadian singer Marc Martel performs Giacomo Puccini's "Nessun Dorma" as Luciano Pavarotti and Freddie Mercury.


94%VideoMay 2015

Animal Sound Man

(1:46) How practice makes perfect.


94%VideoAug 2017

Bill Maher - What if Obama said ...?

(8:49) Republicans say they would be cool with it if Obama had said the same things as Donald Trump.

94%VideoMar 2018

Irish Tesco worker's excellent impersonation of a church service