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VideoFeb 2007

American Idol - spoof

Joe Pesci gets idol

VideoDec 2012

Punjabi expert in animal sounds

(2:52) A Punjabi man mimics the farm animals around him, probably confusing the chickens in the process.


VideoDec 2007

Jim Carrey at the Comedy Store 1996

Louis Anderson introduces a special friend

AnimationOct 2008

50 Impressions in 50 Seconds

Nostagia Critic gets to be many people for a very short time. More from


VideoOct 2008

Joe Biden in a laughing fit

Obama's VP reacts to SNL's portrayal of himself

VideoDec 2008

Obama does Brando

President elect impersonates the Godfather


VideoMar 2010

Superb Lyrebird imitates construction work

Chook, a male Superb Lyrebird picked up many of the sounds that emanate from a construction site as work was carried out at Adelaide Zoo. Can hear hear the following sounds? Hammer, chainsaw, jack hammer, lawn mower hitting sticks, leaf blower starting, power drill, wood saw, human voices, two-way radio, worker whistling.


VideoDec 2010

This is how Michael Caine speaks

(1:43) Rob Brydon and Steve Cougan discuss in depth Sir Michael Caine's voice.


VideoNov 2012

Morgan Freeman narrates 'Titty Sprinkles'

(1:52) American comedian and impressionist Josh Robert Thompson gives way to public demand and becomes Morgan Freeman.


VideoDec 2012

Matt Damon's impression of meeting Bill Clinton

(1:31) Matt Damon recalls a time when he met Bill Clinton.