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93%VideoApr 2009

Big box and Maru

A cat that lives in Japan and who loves diving into things


93%PictureSep 2012

Franzia, does what it says on the box

Can you write a better caption?


92%VideoOct 2009

Green Box, pizza box for the 21st century

(0:44) The top of the box breaks down into serving plates while bottom converts into a storage container.


92%VideoOct 2010

Are mushrooms the new plastic?

Product designer Eben Bayer reveals his recipe for a new, fungus-based packaging material that not only protects fragile stuff like furniture, plasma screens, but also the environment. TED Talks 2010.


89%VideoNov 2008

Thank You For Smoking - Title sequence

(2:05) Fag pack art on the big screen.


87%VideoJan 2012

Plastic in the Pacific

(10:08) Because of ocean currents, an area the size of Texas in the middle of the Pacific Ocean has become a dumping ground for plastic waste. It is known as the Pacific Garbage Patch.


87%VideoSep 2016

Japanese ingenuity solves yogurt lid problem



87%VideoJan 2018

The waste we don't need, and how to get rid of it

(7:02) Single-use items aren't helping the fight against climate change but there are easy hacks to reduce and reuse.


87%VideoMay 2018

A brief history of how plastic has changed our world

(5:37) How did our culture become so plastic?

87%PictureNov 2006

Ainsley Harriott Special Recipe Sausages

Prick with a fork - masterchef says it all...