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FEATURED Which? VideoDec 2007

Extreme product testing

An independent source finds out which goods are good


VideoFeb 2020

The right shot at the wrong time



VideoMar 2020

Ultra-Ever Dry Video | Hydrophobic coating repels almost any liquid

(4:44) Testing Ultra Tech's liquid-repelling coating.


VideoDec 2006

Richard Simmons' steamer

Fitness guru promotes new brainy product

AnimationAug 2011

Futurama - New eyePhone

The new EyePhone is finally available. Installation is a doddle.


VideoDec 2011

Story about a vacuum cleaner savant, really!

12-year-old Kyle Krichbaum has a strange obsession - vacuum cleaners. He is a member of the Vacuum Cleaner Collectors Club and has one of the largest private collections of vacuum cleaners. Life sucks, but for Kyle that's a good thing.


PictureMar 2007


Window frame transforms into balcony


VideoSep 2009

What is d3o?

d3o founder Richard Palmer explains this wonder material that exhibits some shocking properties

VideoDec 2006

Self-stirring mug

Gimmick for the spoonless

VideoAug 2010

USB typewriter demo

Hey, did you know you can buy one of these? Or you can buy a kit to make your own! Got a typewriter already? I'll mod it for you. Visit or for details.