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PictureMay 2006

Vending machine ads

Recruitment agency get to the point

VideoSep 2010

A tale of two warring cities

Singapore Navy recruitment video by Saatchi & Saatchi. Their brief from the Republick of Singapore's Navy - create a campaign to drive the message that life is more interesting and challenging with a career in the Navy.


VideoNov 2010

Japanese police recruit chihuahua

You might be thinking OMG, even the Japanese police have got into WTF! But actually chihuahuas on the front line is not such a daft idea.


AnimationJan 2011

Airforce Reserve recruitment spot by Preston Blair

American animator Preston Blair (19081995), most noted for his work at Walt Disney and the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, creates a wonderful animated sequence topped off with some sparkling jazz. Fifties graphics at its best.


PictureSep 2010

Disney rejection letter (1938)

Job hunting during the Great Depression


VideoAug 2010

Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force recruitment video

Love and peace for seamen, likely inspired by the Village People

VideoApr 2011

Swedish Armed Forces - Welcome to our reality

Swedes take a different approach to glorifying war. End subtitles read: "But we can offer you our reality. An education that leads to a job where you can make a difference. For real."


VideoMay 2012

Swedish Armed Forces - Who cares?

(2:57) As a part of a recruitment drive, Swedish Armed Forces set up an experiment to see whether people cared about others.


AnimationNov 2015

NASA is hiring astronauts

(1:27) There are no age requirements. Do you qualify?

VideoAug 2011

Ukrainian army recruitment TV ad

A Ukrainian girl's call of duty is to marry a soldier and make him happy