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VideoOct 2006

NTU student surveys

Indian professor reads out comments


VideoJul 2018

TYT - Is this the end of Donald Trump?

(6:09) Post Putin summit, Trump's approval ratings have plummeted among his most loyal base - blue-collar white men.

VideoAug 2020

RetroFocus | How people struggled to open milk cartons in 1976

(4:10) ABC reporter Bill Bennett finds he's not alone in his struggle to open milk cartons.


VideoSep 2020

The Rational National | New poll shows Republicans will believe anything

(13:45) The RNC was full of lies, but judging by a recent poll, Republican voters are believing them.


VideoSep 2020

David Pakman | US reputation collapses globally under Trump

(6:06) Many thought the US' reputation around the world was dire due to Donald Trump, but now research proves it.

VideoOct 2012

Jimmy Kimmel asks "who won last night's debate?"

(2:53) More evidence for the case against democracy.


AnimationNov 2019

TLDR | Can you trust the polls?

(10:24) Should you believe polls when you consider how wrong they were with Trump, Brexit and May?

VideoNov 2013

Soda Pop Coke

(4:05) Based on the 2003 Harvard Dialect Survey, which maps out the various dialects of American speech.


VideoJun 2017

Pollster who correctly predicted election is mocked

(5:44) Survation got the 2017 General Election spot on.

VideoSep 2011

Is it Christian to let uninsured people die?

In the recent Republican presidential debates, Ron Paul was asked whether a 30-year-old who chose not to pay for medical insurance, should be left to die. Ron Paul's answer was "that's what freedom is all about, taking your own risks..." which drew some applause from the audience. Ron Paul went on to suggest that churches, charities and family would pick up the tab. Students from Liberty University in Virginia, a conservative Christian college, were asked: "is it Christian to let uninsured people die?".