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VideoJun 2020

Should husbands watch the birth of their children? (1962)


VideoSep 2017

2 Nobel Prize winners say Trump is greatest threat to humankind

(3:29) According to a survey among Nobel Prize winners, Donald Trump is one of the greatest threats facing humanity today.


VideoOct 2018

James O'Brien recaps Brexit poll results

(2:48) LBC's James O'Brien reads through the results of a poll on current support for Brexit.


VideoOct 2010

Is homosexuality a choice?

Killer question: When did you choose to be straight? Street interviews in Colorado Springs show that asking the right question can be more effective than preaching.


VideoAug 2018

Trump says polls are fake, and then immediately cites polls

(6:46) Benjamin Dixon discusses Trump's derangement syndrome.

VideoJun 2019

Seth Meyers | Trump lies about poll numbers after Iowa speech

(11:08) A closer look at Donald Trump lying about his poll numbers after a speech in Iowa, where farmers are hurting from his trade policies.


VideoOct 2007

A Vision of Students Today

Surprising or expected? Students survey themselves - how they learn, their goals, hopes, dreams, future. Created by Michael Wesch in collaboration with 200 students at Kansas State University.

VideoOct 2010

How much do Americans really know about religion?

Alan Cooperman of the Pew forum on religion, talks to Judy Woodruff about what Americans know and don't know about religion


VideoNov 2010

Shocking poll of Afghan men

In the relatively comfortable West, what constantly occupies our minds doesn't always occupy the minds of others. In a poll of Afghan men, 92% had no idea why the Americans / NATO are in their country, or had even heard of 9/11. Why would they not see foreign troops as invaders? A very powerful reason for swallowing pride and getting out.


VideoFeb 2012

Is there a sex crisis in Japan?

(4:12) A survey, conducted by the Japan Family Planning Association, found that 36% of males aged 16 to 19 said that they had no interest in, or even despised sex.