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95%VideoMay 2015

Model vs Mad Mex Burrito

(2:00) Former Miss Earth New Zealand Nela Zisser, 22, takes the 1kg Mad Mex Big Burrito speed-eating challenge.


95%VideoOct 2011

The Gruen Transfer - Banning all religion

(4:31) Australian TV show 'The Gruen Transfer' asked two ad agencies how they would sell the banning of religion.


95%VideoDec 2007

Wayne Dalgish - Black belt

(1:35) Eight year old demonstrates bow staff skill.


94%VideoJul 2014

Kacy Catanzaro, first woman to complete American Ninja Warrior

(7:30) Kacy Catanzaro's riveting performance at the American Ninja Warrior Final in Dallas 2014.


94%VideoAug 2014

Japan Tech Rope Rescue Competition

(3:53) Japanese fire fighters hone their skills.


94%VideoFeb 2015

Kyle Baldock's winning BMX run... incredible!

(1:43) 20-year-old Australian BMX rider Kyle Baldock wins at BMX Park Finals.

94%VideoFeb 2015

Border Collie's winning run at 2015 Masters Agility Championship

(1:12) 5-year-old border collie called Tex wins the 2015 Masters Agility Championship contest at the Westminster Kennel Club dog show with an almost perfect run.


94%VideoApr 2019

Award-winning footage of the microscopic world around us

(3:19) Fascinating glimpse into the realm of the extremely tiny at the 2018 Nikon Small World Motion Photomicrography Competition.

94%VideoJan 2008

Grape stomping lady falls

News reporter falls while treading grapes


94%VideoFeb 2013

Spencer Watson indoor kite-flying performance

(4:00) Spencer Watson at the 12th Annual Windless Kite Festival performing in the individual indoor competition.