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VideoOct 2005

Competition diving

High dive misjudgement

VideoFeb 2007

Scrappy slapping

Two slappers in endurance competition

VideoSep 2007

Korea JeonJu Slalom Competition

Chinese Xu Xinyu wins freestyle rollerblading slalom


VideoAug 2009

Supermarket Clerk Championships

Japanese contest evaluates rates customer service, technical skills and speed

VideoJul 2017

RoboMasters, China's futuristic autonomous robot battle

(8:09) The world's biggest and most complex student robotics competition is RoboMaster.

VideoMay 2007

Footbag beauty

Canadian babe toys with ball

VideoNov 2007

National yoyo competition 2007 USA

Players compete with a synchronized 3 minute routine

VideoNov 2010

Bboy Battle of the Year 2010

BOTY finals held in France, video edited by Yak Films. Music: Kraddy - Android Porn


VideoMay 2020

Ancient scythe vs modern tool



VideoMay 2007

SMS vs Morse

The ultimate finger test