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88%VideoAug 2011

The cart that moves faster than the ruler #1

(3:01) A ruler and a simple machine produce some quite unintuitive results.


88%InteractiveSep 2011

Monkey Go Happy 4

Instructions: Click on objects and locations, solve puzzles, shoot stuff snd much more. Just make those monkeys happy.

88%VideoMar 2012

Ricochet Kills 2

Kill your enemies with clever aiming. Minimum shots is good.

88%VideoNov 2013

Making the impossible 'pinball in wooden cube'

(7:40) Fun and simple project that people rarely guess how it was done.


88%AnimationJan 2014

Realistic car physics demo

(5:59) Early test footage from BeamNG's immersive driving game 'Drive'.


88%VideoFeb 2014

Veritasium - Can you figure out the rule?

(4:44) How do you investigate hypotheses?


88%VideoMar 2014

Flawless performance on driving game 'Initial D'

(3:19) UC Davis student Josh knocks out a flawless drive on Stage 6 of Japanese driving game 'Initial D'.


88%VideoNov 2014

Player Piano - Tetris theme played by classical pianist

(3:21) Sonya Belousova's arrangement of Korobeiniki, perhaps better known as the Tetris theme, played on a custom arcade piano.


88%AnimationSep 2015

Can you solve the zombie bridge riddle?

(3:49) This time, escaping zombies requires a mathematical solution. Can you figure it out?

88%VideoMay 2016

Test your awareness - Whodunnit?

(1:54) Who murdered Lord Smythe, who was brutally bludgeoned to death with a blunt instrument?