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Jun 2002

Fortune telling service

VideoApr 2012

Mouse curls up with sleepy kitty

(0:39) If different species can get on like this, then why not races?


VideoMay 2016

Russian family jump from burning building

(1:36) A family jump for their lives from a 5-storey burning apartment in the Russian town of Strunino.


VideoJul 2019

Epic chase with monkeys riding wild boars!



VideoOct 2008

Fox News - Bill O'Reilly interview (with live audience)

Neil Cavuto chats with O'Reilly Factor host. The addition of a 'laughter track' adds a whole new dimension.


VideoNov 2010

EVE Incursion character creator test build

Testing character creation in online gaming adventure EVE Incursion. This is work in progress.


VideoJul 2010

Crash-proof motorbike test fail

Testing TFKL Engineering's new onboard computer that looks out for hazards the biker might miss. Funny, unless you are the biker.


VideoOct 2008

Valentino Rossi piss stop

Italian MotoGP world champion does what a champion has to do


VideoJan 2012

Critical Thinking - Parts 5 and 6

(2:57) Part 5: The gambler's fallacy.

Jul 2014

Consumerism diverts us from thinking about women's rights...

Consumerism diverts us from thinking about women's rights, it stops us from thinking about Iraq, it stops us from thinking about what's going on in Africa - it stops us from thinking in general. Pink, American singer and actress (b. 1979).