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94%VideoFeb 2016

Chimp reacts to iPad magic

(2:20) German magician and TV presenter Simon Pierro confuses a chimpanzee, all in the name of high-tech magic.

93%VideoFeb 2008

Playing cards to music

Sleight of hand to Shape of my Heart by Sting


93%VideoJun 2007

Producing playing cards

How to make cards appear from thin air


93%VideoJun 2011

The Amazing Mystery of the Chosen Card

(7:17) Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry show Terry Wogan a magic trick from a little magic book they always carry about themselves

93%VideoJun 2011

Drive-thru floating money

Rahat entertains fast food staff with some drive-thru magic


93%VideoJul 2012

Three-armed 'cups and ball' mechanical toy

(0:51) Suggestions for how this works below please.


93%VideoNov 2013

'Oil and Water' sleight of hand by Mahdi Gilbert

(3:16) Canadian magician Mahdi Gilbert demonstrates the ultimate in sleight of hand.


92%VideoMay 2007

Barry and Stuart magic

Masters of dark comedy magic

92%VideoSep 2007

The Great Cardini

Tribute to sleight-of-hand master

92%VideoAug 2016

Mac King rope trick

(2:11) Las Vegas magician Mac King performs a totally baffling rope trick.