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98%VideoJun 2013

Rubber band babies

(2:20) Cute babies enjoy the simple things in life.


96%VideoSep 2013

Putin laughs about NATO's anti-missile system

(0:31) Russian President Vladimir Putin laughed in the face of a journalist who suggested that NATO's anti-missile system was a defence against Iran, rather than Russia.


95%VideoJun 2013

Streaker and the laughing filmmaker

(1:09) Warning: Contagious laughter. A streaker interrupts a tennis match.


94%VideoApr 2014

70-year-old granny's first time on a roller coaster

(0:55) Some of life's joys should not be missed.

94%VideoMay 2015

Buzz meets dandelions for the first time

(2:07) Tom Fletcher of English pop/rock band McFly, takes Buzz for a stroll in a meadow. From YT: "This is why being a dad is awesome. This is the first time my son Buzz has ever seen a dandelion. I think he liked it."

94%VideoMay 2008

Kangaroo golf balls

Golfers distracted by roo on the course. What a load of bollocks!


93%VideoMay 2011

Russian news report about 13 bears and a marijuana plantation

(3:46) A funny story, if you get to hear it all.


92%VideoApr 2009

Inter-meeting fart adds spice to council meeting

Flatulence breaks the ice during a Medina, Ohio council meeting. The Boy Scouts were visiting the council that day and it was allegedly one of them playing around


92%VideoOct 2009

Dustin Hoffman laughing fit

Interview falls apart when interview tells Hoffman he is very cut

92%VideoMar 2014

Ever heard a meerkat being tickled?

(0:20) Merely a laughing meerkat.