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87%VideoNov 2012

The Intelevator talking elevator prank

(3:49) From Norwegian variety show 'I kveld med Ylvis' (Tonight with Ylvis).

87%VideoJul 2014

Fastest talking woman in the world

(2:17) New Yorker Fran Capo is the world's fastest talking woman. She does a lot of things.


87%VideoSep 2017

Granddad and baby babble along just fine


87%VideoNov 2017

John Moschitta, record-setting speed talker

(3:45) In the 80s, John Moschitta's motormouth dominated the airwaves with stints like the fast-talking FedEx guy.

87%VideoMar 2018

Two babies deep in video babble mode


87%VideoApr 2018

Small talk between pilots and boom operators while mid-air refuelling

(3:26) Another day at the office in the air.

86%VideoOct 2008

Parrot answers a knock at the door

Knock knock. Max, a Yellow-naped Amazon replies.

86%VideoJun 2012

Happy baby says "happy" for the first time

(1:34) A baby gets off to a good start with learning to talk.


86%VideoOct 2008

Parrots for Obama

Smokey says 'yes we can'. He does this all day. The closer we come to election day, the more excited he becomes.


86%VideoOct 2008

Speed talker names the books of the Bible, and all 50 states

And the alphabet backwards, every US president, every Oscar winning film, etc.