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VideoJun 2012

eROCKIT, bicycle or motorbike?

(6:23) Interesting electric bike designed by Stefan Gulas.


VideoApr 2010

iPad typing test

IGN editors Matt Cassamassina and Scott Lowe compare typing speeds on a Macbook Pro laptop to the iPad


VideoFeb 2011

Boris' shaving helmet

Boris proudly shows off his new invention, a shaving helmet


VideoMay 2012

Harvey's electric air bike

(2:35) Harvey Cleveland's prototype electric prop-propelled bicycle.


VideoMar 2008

Can time slow down? Physicist Michio Kaku investigates

Kaku investigates claims of time dilation under the influence of adrenaline and other drugs

VideoMay 2014

Russia tests missiles during planned military drills

(4:22) All noise on the Eastern Front as Russia test launches missiles and rockets.


VideoSep 2020

The Angry Astronaut | Is Elon Musk moving too fast with SpaceX Starship?

(26:49) How SpaceX's breakneck pace and trail of wrecked prototypes differs radically from how other space companies develop their rockets.

VideoMar 2009

Lockheed Martin 5th generation fighter planes

Senior experimental test pilot Alan Norman flies the future


VideoMay 2009

Slow motion bus blast

The streak of light that can be seen is the detonation cord that initiates the blast of the C4 plastic explosive


VideoApr 2008

Train storage tank implosion

A demonstration of what happens when you don't properly vent a sealed storage tank before emptying it