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94%AnimationFeb 2013

The end of American debate

(5:22) For over a generation, shocking cases of censorship in America's colleges and universities have taught students the wrong lessons about living in a free society.


94%VideoSep 2006

George W Bush - Strategic Thinker

New David Letterman segment


93%VideoSep 2012

The Big Think - Henry Rollins on education

(3:48) Education is the great leveller of the playing field, and the way to restore a vigorous democracy.


92%VideoJun 2017

How Elon Musk solves a problem

(4:45) Elon Musk uses a concept in physics called 'the first principle's theory'.


89%SoundFeb 2011

The Strangest Secret

In 1956 Earl Nightingale wrote and recorded a message he called The Strangest Secret. It was about the key to success or failure with the underlying message, we are what we think about. Potentially life-changing, sit back and enjoy.


88%VideoJun 2012

Texas GOP wants to ban critical thinking

(4:24) It reads more like an Onion headline. That's just one of the many startling positions adopted by the Texas' Republican Party at its recent convention in Fort Worth.


88%VideoJan 2013

The scientific power of thought

(2:50) Can you learn by thinking? The power of the mind and it's ability to affect physical change is quite astounding.

88%VideoJul 2014

Alan Watts, on the phenomenon of worrying

(3:58) Once you've learnt to think, you can't stop.


88%AnimationOct 2015

Perception, and how the brain makes meaning

(4:23) Neuroscientist Beau Lotto explains how we experience the meaning we create.


88%VideoSep 2017

4 lessons about bias from a pro poker player

(6:01) Great advice from pro poker player Liv Boeree.