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87%VideoSep 2011

Nose Rinsing World Championships

Strange new (and healthy) sport emerges from Russia


87%VideoMay 2012

Lamborghini, bikini, tromboni... WTF!

(1:02) Explanations are welcome.


87%VideoNov 2014

Wang Rong Rollin - Chick Chick

(3:50) Bizarre music video for Chinese singer Wang Rong Rollin's song 'Chick Chick'.


87%VideoJun 2015

First ever robot wedding ... in Japan of course

(1:09) Robots Frois and Yukirin officially tied the knot in Tokyo at the world's first ever robot wedding. June 2015.

87%VideoDec 2015

12 strangest services people actually pay for

(6:56) Build it and they will come. Apparently these services actually exist.

87%VideoJun 2016

Bizarre opening ceremony for Gotthard Base tunnel

(5:15) The Gotthard Base Tunnel is world's longest (57 km) and most expensive (11 billion euros) tunnelling project in history.


87%PictureApr 2008

Ugly fish

Collection of prehistoric looking creatures of the deep


86%VideoMay 2011

Bizarre life cycle of the giraffe-necked weevil

Endemic to Madagascar, the world's oldest island known for its very strange wildlife, is the giraffe-necked weevil - a ladybird-sized insect but with a hugely elongated neck. Narrated by David Attenborough from BBC's series 'Madagascar'.


86%VideoJul 2008

Joined for life - Abby & Brittany turn 16

Conjoined twins who are essentially one physical person with two heads


86%VideoAug 2008

David Blaine shows an eye in his hand to Eamonn Holmes

Blaine gets all mysterious in interview