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91%VideoJul 2006

Lucky escape

Race marshall frozen in shock

91%VideoOct 2011

World's fastest car crash test

Cars are usually crash tested at 40 mph. What would happen if tested at 120 mph? Fifth Gear was curious enough to smash a Ford Focus into a concrete block at 120 mph in order to find out.


90%VideoSep 2008

Truck tries to outrun a train

Consequences of dodging lights


90%VideoJun 2009

Bolivian TV broadcasts images on lost Air France flight 447

Channel hoaxed as newsreader claims to have exclusive pictures taken by a passenger of Flight 447, at the exact moment the plane split in the air - however the photographs featuring well-known actress Evangeline Lilly, aka Kate Austen are from the TV series Lost.


90%VideoJul 2009

Plane crash at air show near Frankfurt

Biplane performs tricks at show in Grossostheim, then fails to pull out of a low dive. It crashes into a car, but both the family of three who were inside the car, and the pilot did not sustain major injuries.


90%VideoAug 2009

Horse jumps a car

Tourists in the Galilee region of Israel were left shocked when they filmed a horse trying to gallop over a car


90%VideoApr 2010

Sebastien Buemi steering problems as front wheels fall off!

Swiss F1 driver for Red Bull Sebastien Buemi has a lucky escape when his suspension disintegrates at 200mph. Formula One Grand Prix, Shanghai China 2010.


90%VideoSep 2011

Close call rocket crash

What goes up must come down, but so soon? Perfectly captured by a spectator.


90%VideoAug 2012

Tour de Fail

(3:02) Crash compilation from the Tour de France and other cycling races.


90%VideoJul 2010

Flipping hell at Snetterton

And he's fine! Jordan Williams escaped unhurt from a dramatic crash in the Formula Palmer Audi race at Snetterton, 26 June 2010