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VideoApr 2010

Creepy game show host Fergie Oliver kisses young girls

(2:22) From 80s Canadian game show 'Just Like Mom', host Fergie Oliver gets intimate with his young guests.


VideoMar 2014

Young Doug Stanhope in 1995

(14:07) From "California Roll" featuring new comedians at Maplewood Community Center in Minnesota.

VideoJan 2014

The Newbeats - Bread and Butter (1964)

(1:56) The Newbeats were a popular American vocal trio, best known for their 1964 hit "Bread and Butter".


VideoJun 2010

The Nicholas Brothers in Stormy Weather (1943)

Fred Astaire once called this performance 'the greatest dance number ever filmed'. The Nicholas Brothers were an African-American team of dancing brothers, Fayard (19142006) and Harold Nicholas (19212000). With their highly acrobatic technique ('flash dancing'), high level of artistry and daring innovations, they were considered by many the greatest tap dancers of their day.


VideoMar 2014

Will Rogers in 'The Ropin' Fool'

(3:09) Excerpts from Will Rogers' "The Ropin' Fool," a 1922 silent movie that showcased his trick roping abilities.


VideoJan 2020

Grand Illusions | I wonder wire

(1:47) Gently hold and pull the two wires apart, and watch the magic unfold.

AnimationAug 2020

NowThis | How The Simpsons predicted 2020 in 1993

(4:40) From killer bees to protests in the streets, this 1993 'Simpsons' episode predicted the 2020 pandemic with eerie accuracy.

VideoJul 2015

The Ross Sisters - Solid Potato Salad (1944)

(3:50) American all-singing and dancing contortionists perform an incredible dance routine in a barn.


VideoOct 2010

Ford Meteor, faster than a ninja

Possibly the best car ad from the 80s, if a little prone to exaggeration. Dragons, ninjas, intergalactic space travel and shoulder pads all make an appearance in this 90 second TV commercial from 1983.


VideoJan 2012

90s megamix medley on melodica

(6:39) Tribute to pop in the nineties by Benny the Jukebox.