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VideoJul 2010

Parkour from 1930

Parkour is not as modern a phenomenon as you may think. German stuntman Arnim Dahl (1922 - 1998) spent a total of over four years in hospital recovering from his parkour-like dare-devil antics.


VideoNov 2010

Forbidden Planet (1956) - Trailer

Supposedly a science fiction version of Shakespeare's The Tempest, Forbidden Planet was Leslie Nielsen's second feature.


VideoSep 2012

Morgan Freeman sings 'Shoo Shoo Sunshine'

(3:44) From 1971 - Morgan Freeman sings a melancholy song on 'The Electric Company', an educational American children's TV series.


Winston VideoMay 2007

Flintstones' Winston ad (1961)

Tastes good like a cigarette should


VideoFeb 2011

Fifties fifth wheel parking concept

Californian man invents the 'Park Car', an ingenious way to utilise the spare tyre


VideoOct 2013

True story of the Cornfield Bomber

(3:22) February 2, 1970: Pilot Gary Foust ejected from his F-106 when it entered an uncontrollable spin during a training mission from Malmstrom AFB in Montana, USA. What happened next was quite extraordinary.


VideoJun 2010

The Like - He's Not A Boy

Mods revisited for LA girl rockers The Like.


VideoJun 2013

Historic footage from a 7-Eleven late one night in 1987

(8:55) It's 2:30am at a 7-Eleven near Disney World.


VideoNov 2019

Approaching D-Day, when Britain went decimal (1970)

(9:53) The first country to talk about it, Britain finally went decimal in 1971, after everybody else.

VideoSep 2010

Hamilton Watch Company presents: How a watch works

The inside story of a fine watch. Documentary from 1949 explaining watch mechanisms on a giant watch model.