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95%VideoJul 2015

The Ross Sisters - Solid Potato Salad (1944)

(3:50) American all-singing and dancing contortionists perform an incredible dance routine in a barn.


94%VideoMar 2012

Battle of the Bulges!

(0:48) Today's gyms are so dull. Compare to getting in shape during the 1940s.


94%VideoNov 2017

1940s war time Monopoly edition

(6:24) At the height of WW2, supply restrictions forced Waddington to produce a war time version of Monopoly.


91%VideoSep 2010

Hamilton Watch Company presents: How a watch works

The inside story of a fine watch. Documentary from 1949 explaining watch mechanisms on a giant watch model.


90%VideoJan 2009

Hellzapoppin (1941) - Slim and Slam Allstars Lindy Hopping

Clip from the film based on Olsen and Johnson's long running Broadway show featuring Frankie Manning the leading dancer at Harlem's legendary Savoy Ballroom (in the Mechanic's Dungarees)


88%VideoJun 2009

1948 Davis Delta three-wheeler glides by

One of only 16 produced spotted at the Ypsilant orphan car show. Manufactured by the Davis Motorcar Co. USA, between 1947-49 it had a front engine - Henry J, 4 cylinder with rear wheel drive. The transmission was a syncromesh 3-speed Borg-Warner overdrive and with a top speed of 116 mph. Original Cost $1,400


88%VideoAug 2013

Despotism - 1946 education film explains how recognise despotism

(9:57) Despotism is ruling without the consent of the governed. This 1946 educational film describes how democracy turns to despotism.


88%VideoMar 2015

Bowling tricks with Andy Varipapa

(9:22) 1948 film short of bowling's best trick shot artist, Italian-born ambidextrous Andy Varipapa.

88%VideoJul 2016

How seventy years has changed LA

(4:05) Split-screen tour of downtown Los Angeles from the forties and today.

87%VideoSep 2009

How to maintain classroom discipline (1947)

Instructional movie for teachers on good and bad methods of disciplining inappropriate classsroom behaviour. While there are new and different problems in modern schools, the basic ideas in this film still hold.