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VideoMar 2008

Panorama investigates the Swiss spaghetti harvest of 1957

BBC spoof documentary (aired April 1, 1957) is thought to be the first time TV was used to stage an April Fools hoax


VideoNov 2008

Pan Am Boeing 707 promo (1958)

Luxury travel on a jet clipper before the days of low-cost flights.


VideoApr 2008

Crimes of Carelessness

50's era style public information film by Pramatus


VideoOct 2007

How to treat loose women

Spoof 50s educational film

AnimationOct 2007

Car of tomorrow - from 1951

Tex Avery's cartoon vision of the future


VideoNov 2007

Chinese anti-spitting campaign (c. 1950)

Two girls chastise an old man for spitting


AnimationAug 2009

Nabisco's Ritz Crackers (1950s)

How dandy, fifties stop-motion

VideoApr 2010

Kids show, knife throwing mum

How times have changed. Fifties newsreel clip of a mother throwing knives at her children.


VideoMar 2015

Invention of TV dinners

(3:30) The story of the original TV dinner tray invented by frozen food salesman Gerry Thomas.

AnimationJul 2007

Col. Bleep Arrives on Earth

First 'made-for-tv' 50s colour animation