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VideoSep 2004

Dancing technique

Innovative disco moves

VideoFeb 2008

L'Aerotrain - Abandoned French hovertrain project

Developed from 1965-77 but suspended due to the TGV


VideoApr 2008

Ball Buster - Fun family game from 1975

Advert from the Mego Toy Co. introducing their unfortunately named new game


VideoMay 2007

Beastie Boys - Sabotage

The boys in hip-hopping retro action


VideoApr 2010

Johnny Rotten gives his opinion on Juke Box Jury 1979

Noel Edmonds hosts Juke Box Jury with an interesting panel made up of Sex Pistols frontman Johnny Rotten, Joan Collins, Elaine Page and radio DJ Alan 'Fluff' Freeman.


VideoJun 2016

Muhammad Ali - Why is Jesus white?

(6:21) Muhammad Ali on why he turned to Islam.


VideoNov 2020

The Dick Cavett Show | Enoch Powell and Jonathan Miller debate immigration

(14:04) From 1971, British politician Enoch Powell and British director and author Jonathan Miller debate UK immigration.

VideoJan 2008

Magnavox presents Odyssey (1973)

Advert for the first home video computer game


VideoApr 2010

IBM 5100, small portable computer in 1977

How quickly and easily we adapt and forget. This portable computer weighed around 50 pounds, had a 16-bit processor and 64K RAM! Shudder to think what it cost at the time.


VideoOct 2020

Simon Clark | Whatever happened to global cooling?

(15:52) In the 1970s scientists were warning us that we were about to enter into a new ice age, so what happened?