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VideoMar 2012

Platform shoes trending in the 70s

(3:09) Mini documentary from the seventies discussing the latest trend - platform shoes. Fashionistas, experts and members of the public give their opinion.

PictureNov 2008

Seventies Swedish dance bands

The product of long dark winter nights


VideoSep 2012

Morgan Freeman sings 'Shoo Shoo Sunshine'

(3:44) From 1971 - Morgan Freeman sings a melancholy song on 'The Electric Company', an educational American children's TV series.


VideoFeb 2008

L'Aerotrain - Abandoned French hovertrain project

Developed from 1965-77 but suspended due to the TGV


VideoJul 2008

Canadian daredevil attempts to jump the St Lawrence River

Kenny Powers attempts one of the most idiotic stunts known to mankind, costing an estimated $1 million in early 70's


VideoApr 2010

Johnny Rotten gives his opinion on Juke Box Jury 1979

Noel Edmonds hosts Juke Box Jury with an interesting panel made up of Sex Pistols frontman Johnny Rotten, Joan Collins, Elaine Page and radio DJ Alan 'Fluff' Freeman.


VideoOct 2013

True story of the Cornfield Bomber

(3:22) February 2, 1970: Pilot Gary Foust ejected from his F-106 when it entered an uncontrollable spin during a training mission from Malmstrom AFB in Montana, USA. What happened next was quite extraordinary.


VideoSep 2004

Dancing technique

Innovative disco moves

VideoJun 2006

Armi & Danny: I wanna love you tender

Finnish beauty queen in classic seventies music video


PictureFeb 2007

Hairstyles from 1970s Ebony magazines

Good haircuts should have equally good names.